I hate the term Robocall!

June 21, 2017 — 4 Comments

4 responses to I hate the term Robocall!


    Great video. Never thought about the “good robo calls”. What about the daily “Google Maps” calls or the calls where no one is there? We get numerous calls like that at our offices every day. We of course get the business funding calls, the car warranty calls and the we want to buy your home calls. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more, just don’t call. Hehe



      The next video I post is about the law that regulates delivery of these calls. May shed a little more insight. For now, it all comes down to whether or not you provide consent to the entity calling you. If you did not – legal entity or fraudster – that call is illegal. As for the no answer, several factors could lead to this and one being the technology used by the entity delivering the calls. It could be a legit call and they just have their system configured wrong.



    Are Robocalls from Bill collectors defined as good or bad?



      Good or bad is a different question from legal or illegal. So, I will focus on legal or illegal as good or bad is determined by the called party. Firstly, There are a whole other set of rules for debt collection. You need to consider if you are a first or third-party collector and then follow the applicable laws. As for using this technology to send notice of late payment, outstanding balance, delinquency with a transfer to make payment is a great and positive use of the technology. Anyone, whether delivering a debt collection notice or appointment reminder are required to collect prior express consent of the called party and must honor requests to remove numbers from being called.


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