Bad Idea? FTC Releases Consumer Complaints

August 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

On August 1, 2017, the FTC announced they are back in the ring to fight against the delivery of unwanted calls. Exciting! So, how is the FTC fighting? They are releasing more information around the millions of consumer complaints to "boost industry efforts to stop unwanted calls before they reach consumers." Sigh…more uninformed knee jerk reaction from the federal government. This is NOT an area to boost innovation for call blocking. Do you know what you are encouraging?

Since when did the use of auto-dialers become an evil monster needing to be slayed by any and all who are willing to take up arms and charge into battle? We have bad actors taking advantage of a simple and highly effective technology to call millions of people. I ask that you stop for a moment and think about the good actors utilizing this technology. You may not be so quick to want start-ups jumping into the game of blocking calls.

As of today, at least the following industries deliver auto-dialed calls you WANT to receive – education, healthcare, utility, financial, commercial, travel to name a few. Schools rely heavily on the use of auto-dialers to inform parents of matters related to children. Utility companies deliver messages related to power outages and downed power lines. Fraud alerts from banks and credit companies help against identity theft. Pharmacies need to ensure patients pick up their prescription and use auto-dialers to inform patients. If we allow anyone to create an app that blocks autodialed calls, we are setting ourselves up for more harm to the consumers than the bad actors we deal with daily.

I'm not against putting more power and control in the hands of consumers, but I am against encouraging uninformed and inexperienced companies from building tools to deal with matters they know little about.

FTC Announcement on release of consumer complaint data.


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