Rebekah Johnson is President and owner of Gloria-Mac   Consulting. Prior to launching her consulting business, she served as   Government and Regulatory Affairs Consultant for West Corporation.   Throughout her career, Rebekah has navigated the corporations she serves and their clients through the numerous and evolving regulatory challenges in the healthcare, utility, financial and commercial industries.

As a thought leader, organizations have discovered her greatest asset is the ability to be a liaison between legal, executives and internal departments to ensure regulatory compliance for them and their customers. Not only is her opinion and advice sought by the industries in which she serves, Rebekah will quickly become the sounding board on compliance.

Rebekah Johnson advocates on behalf of the various industries to drive a positive consumer experience through the support of carriers, aggregators and call center solution providers. Her current focus is to ensure robocall blocking technologies do not impact consumer engagement strategies for the industries who depend on the ROI of each call.

Compliance knowledge covers U.S. and international laws in the following categories: communication channels, telemarketing, SMS, push notifications, privacy, security and other applicable federal and state laws.

Rebekah Johnson