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Hello! For some of you, I may be saying hello again. My name is Rebekah Johnson. I have served the utility, financial, commercial and healthcare industries for the last 10 years. Through my time with West Corporation, I had the pleasure of helping many clients address their regulatory risks. Every single day, multiple times a day, I am talking all things TCPA, TSR, DNC, security, privacy and whatever else is trending. If you don’t know these terms, then my site will be a great use for helping you sleep at night.

During my time on the FCC’s Robocall Strike Force I was able to be the voice of the enterprise while serving on the Empowering Consumer Choice Working Group. Sadly, this task did not include a cape. Wonder Woman doesn’t need a cape, so I guess I’m ok with this budget cutback.

Gloria-Mac is my launch into the world of consulting, but I plan to do so much more than that! Under this endeavor I will continue my work in the enterprise sectors by bringing awareness to the activities resulting from the Robocall Strike Force Plan. As a consumer, I want the ability to control who calls me and when. As an advocate for the enterprise, I want to protect their ability to continue delivering legal calls to the consumers, members or patients.

So, WELCOME, to my blog! I will post videos putting complicated compliance into actionable processes for your business, my review on articles related to subject matters I cover (I’ll have to limit those soapbox rants), and updates on what is happening in the industries serving communications that you may want to know about. You can expect candor, wit and a whole lot of guidance. Do not expect a cardboard cutout consultant. If so, I can recommend some sites for you. šŸ™‚

I look forward to being your voice of the enterpriseĀ and welcome any and all feedback.


Rebekah Johnson
President, Gloria-Mac